What is Bhoj?

BHOJ is a modern end-to-end real time digital management solution for Restaurants & Food Service Industry. It has capabilities to fulfil all the needs of food and beverage industry. BHOJ is a unique solution focusing on end-to-end requirement of the Industry. It will automate entire operations of the restaurant. And will make operation and monitoring easy for the owners.

Who are the Users of Bhoj?

  • Food Service Establishments like Restaurants, cafes and small eateries. Users of Restaurants, cafes and eateries.
  • Hotels.
  • Vendors of Restaurants, cafes and eateries.
  • Waiters, Managers, Captains, Store keepers and other staff of Restaurants.

Problems addressed by bhoj for the restaurants

  • Customer Queuing: QSR specially works on token ordering system. Whenever customer wants to place an order he has to stand in a queue to make payment, take token and submit token to respective delivery counter and then wait for his number but if BHOJ is used under same circumstances then no one has to stand in the queue. Just order food from BHOJ user app and even make payment with same app and be seated. As soon as order is ready for delivery Supervisor will click on order ready and a buzz notification will appear on mobile of the user. User will just have to pick his order and enjoy his food.
  • Finding suspicious bill is also one of the unique feature of BHOJ which has capabilities to minimize cash theft.
  • Currently only well organized and cash rich segment of Industry is able to use modern technology efficiently as the cost of technology is high but BHOJ will minimize the cost of technology for everyone and BHOJ will be affordable for use by small outlets also.
  • BHOJ will also reduce manual interference in ordering system which will save service time and reduce manpower cost.
  • Proper feedback system: Most restaurants don’t get proper feedback from customers to improve themselves. BHOJ has systematic feedback system to help each type of restaurant. Users can give feed back about his experience even after few days of his restaurant.
  • Targeted CRM.
  • Many establishment are not able to get desired domain name. BHOJ is proposed to be an extended domain so that it can solve problem of domain name and support whole industry. Each establishment can get their domain name under BHOJ.
  • BHOJ has Inventory system linked with recipe break up. It gives restaurants realtime control over inventory. And Centralised kitchen feature makes it one of the most robust Inventory Control System.