Trending Foods of Indore

Trending Foods of Indore

You must have heard it, Money is to spend and Tongue is to taste. It sounds to be true in context of Indori people. They are generous to spend money when it comes to satisfying their taste buds. I moved to Indore a couple of years back from a small town to find a job.

I got a job and stayed back in Indore. Initially I was apprehensive about the cities, but soon after I started loving this city. You know what the lovable things in Indore, its people, cleanliness and most importantly the trending food of the city. Over an year even I have started calling myself an Indori because my tongue is used to have food from Indori recipe. I have observed that Indoris have always been very fond of food. There are quite a few food items tagged as “Indori Food”. Because they have their presence in almost every lane or street of the Indore. Mostly it is good quality delicious snacks, desserts and namkeen.

Poha Jalebi


This is usually a break-fast item. Beaten rice is called poha. It is prepared easily. Poha is one of the cheapest breakfast. Therefore, it is available in almost all the street of the city. It is garnished well with coriander leaves, seeds of pomegranate, sev (a type of long and thin of crispy snack) and thin and small slices of onions. Masala can also add flavor to test.

A combination of poha and Jalebi (a dessert) is usually preferred by people to complete the breakfast. There are number of variety to Jalebi such as Indori Jalebi, khoya jalebi, crispy Imarti, Paneer ki Jalebi etc. Each one is prepared more or less same method, tastes different due to different ingredients used.

Bhutte Ka Kees


The commercial capital of the Madhya Pradesh is not far away from the Maharashtra. Marathi people have been living here since the time of Holkars ruling days. Bhutte Ka Kees is a typical Marathi food stuff. It’s a seasonal food item. During the rainy season corn is found in surplus.

This time its presence in cities food stall is evident. No other snacks can match the relevance of Bhutte Ka Kees during the season. As it is served steaming hot and garnished well with coriander leaf, green chillies with lemon. It is quite comparable to upma.

Shahi Shikanji


If you plan to visit Indore, your trip would not be worthy without having Shikanji. This is the substitute of cold drink, almond shake or Lassi for quenching the thirst. This is prepared using milk along with mincing the dry fruits. It is healthy and delicious. It is strongly recommended by localites.

Fariyali Sabudana Khichdi


Don’t starve yourself, even if you observe a fast. Don’t even spoil your taste. Its intake will not break your fast. Though it is an all-time favorite food stuff that indoris demand but during religious festivals like Maha Shiv Rathri, Nav Ratri etc, you could see the crowd in Fariyali Sabudana Khichdi stall. Like any other Indori snacks, it is served attractively garnished. You cannot resist yourself from having it, once it is served

Khopra Patties


This is yet another yummy Indori snacks. Khopra -thin and small slices of dry coconut is stuffed in potato. This is around shape snack, comparable to Aalu Vada. Usually, it is served with two types of chutney green and red along with green chilies. This can be used for breakfast, brunch, evening time or supper meal.

Egg Benjo


Egg Benjo more or less look like egg sandwich or burger. While eating it gives an impression as if the person is playing benjo. A city like Indore where the food quality is of a higher level. The Egg Benjo sellers also have upgraded its quality. They try to add all the taste-making ingredients such as ginger, cumin, butter, coriander etc. It is served with tomato ketchup and chutney to make it tastier

Kaanji Vada

Marwari and Jain population have also added colors to food culture of Indore. Kanji Vada is one of most explored dishes of the city. Its aroma smells well. It is digestive and to top it all it tastes incredibly good, a combination of hot, spicy and sour. Kanji Vada is made from blended Moong Daal (Split Green Gram). It is fried in edible oil. Then it is soaked well in the tangy mustard flavored liquid.

kaanji Vada

Places to Find Typical Indori Food

You need to explore different places to find the different tastes of Indori food. There are many places where you can see number of food stalls. Chhapan Dukan, Sarafa Bazar, Rajwada Sqaure, Meghdoot Garden near Vijay Nagar, Paranthe Wali Gali etc are the favorite places for the food-lovers.

Big or small, reputed restaurants are facing tough competition from the street smart food vendors. Therefore, they have started online food ordering services. The food smells and tastes the same. In recent times a food ordering app Bhoj is gaining popularity among the food-lovers. If you do not wish to go out for searching your favorite food, The BHOJ app is the best solution for you.