An App Will Change The Way People Search For Food/Restaurant

31 Aug, 2018 b2

The restaurant business trend changes as per the customers’ convenience. The management keeps on updating themselves based on the customers’ requirement. Customers’ preferences change along with time. The technological changes around them do impact on their preferences. There are the following reasons why technology has become a game changer.

  • Restaurants have increased their customer’s base crossing the geographical boundaries of a particular area. They are serving the need of customers of different locations.

  • Food finder apps are the big helping hand for restaurateur for acquiring new customers and retaining the existing customers

  • Food delivery service is backed by artificial intelligence. Therefore, food service providers are using restaurant software and adopting new technology like never before

  • The invasion of technology into restaurant business is only for the customers delight. Customers select the restaurant based on the information displayed on their devices.

  • Food service provider are leaving no stone unturned to please their customers giving them a fully customized experience. The data collected is later utilized for analyzing the consumer behavior for the continuous improvement

  • The affordability and availability of high speed internet is encouraging the better quality service

The food lovers want instant gratification for the service from the food provider end. The best quality food providers of the city also try to adopt new technology changes in Restaurant management system and online food ordering system. Even if the restaurant goers are unable to go to the restaurant, they expect quick delivery. Using an app called BHOJ, Guest can order food online or in the restaurant and pay it using a digital wallet or debit/credit cards. Of course, cash is also an option.

Today’s generation is living a sophisticated life. In the coming years they will only become smarter. They are using gadgets to find exactly what they want to have for breakfast, dinner or lunch because there are food apps available for free of cost.

An App That Gives Customized Experience.

31 Aug, 2018 b2

Bhoj App is one of those food apps laced with artificial intelligence. It encourages more user’s involvement with no or negligible human interference. That is why it let you customize your order. You can choose add-ons for a dish and customize the taste.

BHOJ is a futuristic app which will change the way people search for food/restaurant joints and the way people order food.

  • Among so many food ordering app BHOJ app is one of those very few apps that will be working for many more coming years. It will be giving more customized experience to users. Customers will also have info like allergy warning, ingredients and nutrition values in the food they are ordering.

  • Its application will be more appropriate while travelling. It will enable the user to order food items leisurely or an option to order on the fly and pick up.

  • Orders through BHOJ will be received on BHOJ RMS setup for them on cloud or on restaurants own system. Restaurants can manage orders from there.